Professional Line Design Solutions

Are you looking for help ensuring that your pole structures are compliant with the latest codes, standards and regulations? Are you concerned that other tools and people are suggesting pole replacements that just don't seem right ? Do you want answers that you can understand and are defendable no matter how deep into the detail you want to go ?

Helping utilities ensure that their Overhead Pole Line Structures are safe and code compliant is what Sonideft does best. Our time tested Quick Pole Overhead Line Design Software and Structural Analysis tool are what make our solutions unique.

Highlights of what Quick Pole can help you with:

  1. Assess poles and pole line configurations accurately and easily in a minimum amount of time. Whether you are assessing one pole in particular or an entire geography of poles at the same time, Quick Pole minimizes the amount of effort to quickly identify any areas of concern. An entire subdivision can be entered from developer plans or survey data directly with no room for miss-interpretation of span lengths, angles between poles or wire sizes.
  2. Take comfort in the fact that your pole assessments will be made using the latest and most accurate analysis techniques demanded by current and upcoming national standards. The Nonlinear Structural Analysis Engine within Quick Pole is leading edge technology and the Sags & Tensions Engine is equally sophisticated. Their capabilities are World Class and are comparable to very few in the marketplace today. All of this capability is presented in an intuitive way that is optimized for the needs of the Distribution Line Designer. A considerable number of code checks related to strengths, clearances and separations are performed automatically against National Standards. Visual clues highlight areas of concern automatically and informative messages provide detailed explanations about the issues detected.
  3. It is easy to incorporate your corporate standards for pole framing and for the conductors, wires, strands, cables and messengers that you use. Some framing and wire standards are included in the standard product, plus you have the ability to add your own at any time. Configuring Quick Pole to use your company’s conductor or wire types is very easy through answering just a few questions. The reason is that Quick Pole has a very extensive library of available conductors and wires in the marketplace covering all the nonlinear, linear and other specific data about each one. All you need to do is to help define how your company wishes to use them.
  4. Third Party Assessments are highly enabled through Quick Pole’s built-in knowledge and real understanding of Communication Attachments. Quick Pole comes standard with an extensive library of communication cables, wires and self-supporting cables; even OPGW and ADSS. You have the choice of selecting from Canadian or US communication messengers and selecting which cables are attached to each one. Standard BellCore stringing tensions of communication messengers are included for use as a default; or you can specify other stringing tensions, or Slack Span Tensions. You can also estimate what the communication load is from a measurement or estimate of the existing bundle size on a pole. Quick Pole automatically calculates the appropriate Cable Bundle size, applies your project’s Storm Loadings (ice, wind, temperature) and then calculates the required Sags and Tensions for the pole spans. No need to get this from another program and enter the correct values. It’s all built in and automatic.

Key Features:

  • Full Nonlinear Structural Analysis capability. This includes what is sometimes called P-Delta calculations or secondary moments. In Engineering terms, Quick Pole does a full Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of all pole structures.
  • Vertical Load Buckling Capacity of the pole is tested all along its length considering the different vertical loads at those points, using Industry recognized advanced techniques.
  • Full Nonlinear Sags and Tensions of conductors, wires, messengers and self-supporting wires/cables are supported. This means that Quick Pole understands the way these actually respond initially, under load and over time with respect to Sags and Tensions (Initial, Final under Load, Final after creep). Other programs that assume no permanent stretching occurs can produce significantly inaccurate results.
  • Soil Structural Analysis around poles and anchors. The soil directly underneath the pole is evaluated for its ability to support the pole's vertical load (under maximum condition), plus the soil around the pole is tested to see if it can safely support the forces and bending moments that can exist at and below the ground line. In addition, the selected type and size of anchor is also evaluated based on the assumed Soil Class. This is a rare feature for Line Design Software, which we think is a critical component. Otherwise, how do you know if your pole will sink, give way in the soil from wind or other lateral loads, or that your anchors will hold ?
  • And of course, informative instant visual indicators of results, 3D pole rendering and a complete set of report-based analysis results.

Work Plan Screen shot

3D Model3D Analysis

Span Profile

message window

Quick Pole is stand-alone software tool that is quick and easy to install and automatically keeps itself up to date with all the latest feature improvements. It is available for any tablet or computer that can run Java, under operating systems such as Windows, Unix and MacOS. Unlike some programs that can only analyze one pole structure at a time, Quick Pole can assess an entire Work Plan, Work Order or Project collection of Poles, Wires, Cables, anchors and other devices at the same time. It can even import most field data from other applications. GIS/survey coordinates are utilized if they are available, but are not essential to laying out pole or anchor locations and using any program feature. It supports multiple pole framing standards from different organizations with the ability to switch between them easily. You can add your company's own framing standards and wires/cables yourself, or we can do it for you.