Common questions

Quick Pole includes all the tools you need in one integrated software package. It includes the features of pole structure analysis, sags & tension calculations, clearance tests at random points along the span, mid-span and on-pole separation tests and permit quality submission reports.

Quick Pole offers advanced linear/nonlinear finite element analysis engine for structural analysis. It also performs its own sag and tension calculations to better address unlevel spans and the nonlinear stress/strain characteristics of wires/cables/messengers.

Quick Pole is intuitive to use, requiring very little training, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Full training support is also available.

Quick Pole adheres to and enforces standards. Along with the choice of CSA or NESC national standards as the base requirements, pole owner standards are also supported and enforced.

Quick Pole can evaluate an entire area of poles at once and supports many methods of directly importing field data. Quick Pole can also support both GIS and non-GIS modes of operation. Regardless of your other software tools and field data collection methodology, Quick Pole can help you.