The Quick Pole history

Over two decades ago (1995), the predecessor to Quick Pole was first created to serve the needs of two pole owners in Atlantic Canada. It was called "Autopole" and used Finite Element Analysis to perform a linear structural analysis of the pole and a table lookup function to determine the appropriate sags and tensions to use for span attachments.

While it was only designed to analyze one pole at a time, it also performed basic on-pole separation and mid-span separation tests.

Seeing the inefficiencies and possibility for user input errors with the "One-Pole-At-A-Time" behavior of Autopole, a new architectural model was seen necessary to address this and the large scale deployments of "Fibre to the XX" programs envisioned by communication utilities.

In 2013 Quick Pole was launched with the ability to assess/design a large quantity of structures/poles at once within a project. Its rapidly expanding user base has driven further improvements in the areas of data import, visualization and reporting to where it is today.