Sources of More Knowledge

This area is one that most people will visit on a regular basis. We will continue to grow and grow the depth and breadth of information contained here. If something is somehow related to Pole Line Design or the processes/ business rules or other things that support them, we'd like to provide this space as a repository for all Line Design or related professionals.

As a starting point, we have though amongst ourselves that the below listed categories would be useful. Please use our Forums to tell us now what you think would be helpful. We'll do our best to research the topic or acquire the data and add it here.


Municipal, Provincial and Federal regulations that an impact on designing pole lines


Standards that your Line Designs must or should meet. These could be mandated by a regulator or an implied "Industry Norm" which you could be required to meet by any critic, including the courts.

Load Calculations

Many people like to know how to calculate all the loads that are considered in world class software tools such as Quick Pole. This category goes through each load type separately.

Finite Element Analysis

For those who would like to know more about this leading and increasingly more popular technique and analyzing the effect of loads on pole structures. This category is dedicated to making this powerful technique understandable by everyone who wants to. That is the goal anyway's.

Other References

This category contains any data or information that is of value to Line Designers.


As valuable information is built-up from the above categories, they will be compiled and made available in downloadable format. If we find other E-books that we think may be of value to you, we'll post those for your use as well.