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Acquiring Quick Pole Software


Quick Pole software is available for purchase through this website, or through an authorized Reseller. Purchases include one year of free software maintenance, after which software maintenance can be purchased on a yearly basis. Software Maintenance costs are set at 15% of the current retail price stated on this webpage and are highly recommended for proper operation of the software, adherence to standards and of course to receive the latest features that customers have been requesting.

Quick Pole is also available in a concurrent usage model for corporate accounts. Please contact us for details.


Quick Pole Software is available in the following ways:

  1. Purchase $1995 - Per Named User
  2. Monthly Software Rental $175 - Per Named User
    You can Unsubscribe at any time.


For quantities of users greater than five(5), please contact Sonideft or your Reseller to receive a volume discount.

Sonideft's objective is to contact you within one business day after the placement of your order.

License Terms

For individual users, the standard License Agreement can be found here. Other terms are available for corporate accounts.