Make Ready Management feature added to Quick Pole in 6.71.146

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Make Ready Management feature added to Quick Pole in 6.71.146

Unread postby Sonideft » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:33 am

This new release has the ability to compare all physical changes between one Design and another in the same Quick Pole file. We called it “Make Ready Manager”. You can find it next to the "Analysis" tab. By Street and pole location it shows the physical changes it found, alongside the Make Ready Notes entered for that pole. You can edit the Make Ready Notes in this same window.

Even if you don’t populate the Make Ready Notes as part of your processes, you should be able to review any drawings with this identified list of changes to ensure you captured everything; as part of Quality Control.

To work best, there should be a Design that captures the “As-Is” situation in the field. We recommend that you always "clone" an "as-is" Design as your starting point for changes. It helps ensure that you don't make any unintended changes to the Design which captured your field data; plus it now also enables you to utilize this new feature.

The following are detected as physical changes:

1) Changes to the name, length, class, species of pole structure along with setting depth, fibre stress rating and groundline circumference
2) Changes to any anchors(location/type/soil class), attached guys (attachment height, type)
3) Point Loads - any change
4) Attachments in Spans (height, type, tension settings, attached cables)
5) Changes in attached Hardware (type, height, angle)

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