New Quick Pole Major Update Released 6.72.xx

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New Quick Pole Major Update Released 6.72.xx

Unread postby Sonideft » Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:48 am

Although you will need to uninstall and reinstall Quick Pole from our website to get this new release, it will be well worth the effort. It has been in development and testing for quite a while now. Among the major changes in this release include:

1) All structure editing, viewing, reporting has been moved to a separate floatable Window instead of the Dialog of the past.
2) This window will update itself automatically as different structures are selected on the WorkPlan or elsewhere.
3) Analysis of just the Structure you are working on is now possible. You can change guy/anchor details and immediately go to the next tab and run an Analysis to see the effect. The 3D Analysis View has been moved to this Window, as has individual Structure Reporting.
4) This Window has full Undo/Redo ability. This completes all project-related Undo/Redo ability within Quick Pole.

These alone are significant feature enhancements and so deserves a different version series – 6.72. In addition, Quick Pole has been re-platformed onto the latest version of the Application Framework that we are using. With all these floatable Windows, Users can now create an elaborate Dashboard for efficiently working on projects. Structure Pictures and pdf Notes have also been made into floatable windows. I think this feature could be very beneficial to you given that they are separate “listening” Windows. To use this feature, drag the top tab of a window outside of Quick Pole's main window; perhaps to a different monitor. Then resize and reposition to your preferences. This configuration will be remembered the next time Quick Pole is started.

5) Full NESC and GO95 standard support, in addition to CSA standards. Our website will be updated shortly with the associated code compliance matrices.
6) The ability to customize any concrete pole with specific strength or dimension properties. This means that if you have a concrete pole that is not in the current supported list, simply select one of the same class and length and modify the physical dimensions and strengths to match the pole you do have. If you would like an additional manufacturer's poles included, simply send us the technical details you have found.
7) A minor fix to the installer program was made to ensure that an "unistall" removes all files from the Program Files directory so that a re-install will not have an issue.

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