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Upgrade to 6.72.xx now !

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:50 am
by Sonideft
If you are still using version 6.71.xx of Quick Pole, you really should update to the newer version now. The 6.71 series stopped getting updates for fixes and enhancements over 6 months ago now. In that time a few issues have been identified and resolved in the 6.72 series. For optimum customer satisfaction and access to a number of productivity improving enhancements, you should update your version of Quick Pole now.

The most reliable method for upgrading is as follows:

1) With One User’s machine only, proceed as follows:
2) Close down Quick Pole application, if open.
3) Delete the following two directories under the User’s directory (may be on C, D or other drive depending on computer setup)
a. C:\Users\User Logon Name\AppData\Roaming\.quickpole
b. C:\Users\ User Logon Name \databases
4) Uninstall Quick Pole s/w. May need to confirm that the Program Files/quickpole directory is clean. Some old installations left one file behind.
5) Install new Quick Pole s/w from website
6) Start Quick Pole
7) Go to Tools->Data Manager and import any datasets you may have (Telus and BC Hydro for example)
8) Go To Tools->Options and reset any personal preferences you may have.

Quick Pole should now be ready to go. Depending on how many users you have, some of this could be automated by your IT Admin person.