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Master Project Templates now available

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:58 pm

Starting with Quick Pole version 6.72.60, the ability to "point" to a folder of Project Templates is now possible.

Whether you have a large team of designers working in different territories, or you are the only user in your company, this feature will save you time and help improve your quality.

For a long time it has been necessary to adjust project settings in each new project to match the requirements of the Pole Owner in each area. Now you can create project templates that contain all the specific settings required for each area. You can have as many project templates as you like, so why not create one for each area's requirements?

Once you create your project templates, simply put them in a location where many people can access them; like a server. Each time that Quick Pole starts up, it will synchronize its local/private collection of templates so that you will always have the latest template to use. This feature will greatly benefit teams of users, but can be very helpful for even a single user. No more looking up what project settings are required for the area you are doing a new project in; just load the project template and go.

Here's how to do it. Create a new project and one Design inside of it. Go through all the project settings and set them to meet the needs of a specific area. Name the project file to be something you'll recognize. The project file should be stored in a location that is accessible to others, or a known spot for yourself.

For others to access the template, tell them the location where the templates are stored. Then go to File->New Project and use the "Link to External Templates" button (which is new) to locate the templates. This Dialog will remember where you found the templates and will keep it in sync with the latest changes on every Start up of Quick Pole.

This should be a great time saver for users that create projects in different areas with different requirements.

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