IKE4 GPS Integration with Quick Pole is complete !

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IKE4 GPS Integration with Quick Pole is complete !

Unread postby Sonideft » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:35 pm

The Integration Testing of the IKE4 device and resulting JSON output from IKE Office with Quick Pole is now complete.

While Quick Pole can import IKE Office data that was generated with other forms on the IKE4 device, this integration has been optimized to work better and offer additional functionality with Quick Pole's advanced form. To do this, Quick Pole generates its own form from various selections of data and options by the user, via the Data Manager (Tools->Data Manager, last tab). You can choose to populate various drop-down choices in the handheld field device with item selections for particular Power and Communication Utilities, or default to the "Unknown choice" which allows the determination of item type by IKE Office users (as opposed to field data collection personnel).

Once you have generated your advanced Quick Pole form, contact your IKE Office support team to upload your new form. There it can be further adjusted manually for any additional fields of data you may wish to collect. It can now be downloaded into the IKE4 devices for the collection of field data.

When the data collection is performed, the next step is to review the collected data and to add attachment heights to the appropriate truesize images at each pole. After this you are ready to download/export a JSON file for this project for Quick Pole. AT the end of this process, all IKE pictures will be available within Quick Pole in the Pictures Window, accessible from the Structure Details Window. As you select different structures, the pictures will automatically re-sync to those taken at just that pole.

In Quick Pole, create a new project file and Reference Design for the area covered by the collected field data, if you haven't already. You can also add new data to an existing project at any time using the same process. This can be useful if you need to add a street of pole data to an existing project. Go to the View Panel of the Design and select the "Coordinates Editor", or otherwise go to the Coordinates Editor Window. Press the "Import" button, select "IKE4 JSON" files and browse for the JSON file you just downloaded from IKE Office. Now the Import process begins.

In any data item coming through that is not an exact match for an item in your installed Databases, you will be asked to find the matching item in your Databases (wire, anchor, hardware...) for that description. Quick Pole will remember that choice and will use it without asking for similarly described items in the JSON file. If the Field Data Collector marked an item as "unknown" because they were not sure, a similar process is followed, but Quick Pole will not remember the choice on purpose as each "unknown" item needs to be verified.

In cases where a span of attachments leaves a pole, but the distant pole was not surveyed, Quick Pole will automatically add a pole for the attachments to terminate onto and mark the pole as "End of Study" EOS.

Some of the enhancements of the advanced Quick Pole form over other standard forms are as follows:

1) Clearance Points of Interest can be captured via Field Measurements and marked with a specific category of Clearance Requirements (roadway, driveway, railway...) This can be valuable for capturing various existing points where clearance values should be calculated and compared to existing standards, such as road crossings. The process captures both the existing height/clearance value at time of survey and allows Quick Pole to calculate the minimum clearance under maximum sag conditions and compare to the dominant standard requirement, with or without clearance overrides. The existing and calculated values are displayed in the Span Profile View.

For this item, you shoot a vector from the base of the pole to the ground where the clearance is a concern. You also shoot a height measurement from the ground at the clearance point to the lowest span attachment.

2) Mid-Span Service Taps: These points are captured for power service wires at the moment, from mid-span locations to buildings. The process will result in building locations to be set and indicators on the Plan View. Quick Pole will ask you to confirm the default power service wire to use for all mid-span service taps. You may need to adjust a few afterwards. Editing can be done afterwards via the Span Editor Window. Quick Pole can also provide a "Project Level Report" that calculates the worst loads that should be applied to each pole, based on any number of mid-span service taps on any number of spans. These are commonly added as Point Loads by the User; which replaces the need for complicated spreadsheets to calculate these loads. In a future release, Quick Pole will take these loads into account directly when doing its 360 degree Structural Analysis of each pole; removing the need for Point Loads at all.

For this item, you shoot a vector from the base of the pole to mid-pan tap. You subsequently shoot a vector from the mid-span tap to building termination locations.

We know that some customers have other data fields they collect using IKE. We are considering adding the ability for various typical items to be added to the Quick Pole form, if selected. If you have a suggestion for an optional data item to be added, please send it along for our consideration. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you.

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