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Pointers for IKE Users

Unread postby Sonideft » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:05 pm

How to Optimize the entire Data Collection, IkeOffice and Quick Pole Import process is something that many users have been asking lately.

In order to make the best use of everyone's time, we need to start by thinking about the Data Collection people using the Ike handheld devices in the field. The options and choices they have access to are driven by the Datasets selected while building the initial Quick Pole Ike form used; via the Tools->Data Manager menu option.

Most Data Collection personnel cannot identify all of the choices possible in all the datasets you may have. In fact for anchors, this is an absolute impossibility since only the anchor rod and the anchor rod head are visible above the ground.

In short, the first most important step is to create a new Dataset in Quick Pole, specifically for the purpose of collecting data. It should include a very short list of anchors containing the weakest anchor choices available for a given anchor rod size you expect in the field. You can include separate choices for plate anchors and helix(screw) anchors as the head of the anchor rods are always forged (as opposed to screwed on) for plate anchors.

Another suggestion is to include a few wires with the descriptions "Default Primary Wire", "Default Secondary wire", "Default Neutral wire","Default Messenger Wire", "Default Hydro Guy Wire" and "Default Communications Guy Wire". When these are selected in the field and then imported into Quick Pole, the person importing will be asked "one time" to identify what wire exactly matches with this choice. By pole owner region, these answers may be different, but the form and the process in the field is the same.

If the Data Collector is unsure about anything, the "unknown" choice will always be available. The data importer can match it up better than the data collector. This should be the exception for your process as you will be asked about anything identified as "unknown" each time it appears in the data on import.

As we identify other things we think you should know, we'll try to add them here.

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