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QP Update 6.73.16

Unread postby Sonideft » Thu May 02, 2019 9:23 am

This update provides an enhancement related to importing IKE files into Quick Pole.

During the importing of a pole from IKE data, it identifies each span of wires leaving that pole with a bearing and distance measurement. With all things, these measurements come with a certain accuracy that can sometimes be influenced by things we are not aware of or have control over. Customers have found that at span lengths greater than 80m (~250ft), Quick Pole is sometimes not able to correctly connect this measured span to another pole in the import. In these cases Quick Pole creates an EOS (End of Study) pole so that all the span data(wires, heights) can be placed into the Design.

While all data is present in the imported project, the result is that there will be two poles where there should be one, plus the span attachments are duplicated. The "Merge" feature that is available if you select two poles then "right-click" your mouse can help you combine two poles into one while also moving the attachments. The second set of attachments would need to be deleted, plus the attachment heights at one end would need to be updated.

In this update, Quick Pole will look for matching poles in more of an arc than a confined circle of a set tolerance. In the results Customers have seen, the distance measurement is often more accurate than the bearing measurement. In example projects where long spans were involved and several mis-matches existed, Quick Pole with this update now does a much better job of finding the intended pole; which eliminates the extra work described above that the User would need to perform.

For those that don't already know and to be clear, IKE data is collected on a pole-by-pole basis and comes into Quick Pole as individual data collection sets. It is Quick Pole that needs to confirm the linkage between the pole data sets and bind everything together into a full Quick Pole project/Design; for its purposes.

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