QP Update 6.73.21 - IKE Import Enhancements

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QP Update 6.73.21 - IKE Import Enhancements

Unread postby Sonideft » Thu May 23, 2019 11:01 pm

One question that has come up recently is if there was a way to make data collection more efficient?

Currently data is collected at a pole location along with all spans of wires leaving that pole. When the data is imported into Quick Pole, attachment heights are available at a pole only for spans that were data collected against that pole. This means that if attachments approach and leave a pole at different heights, both spans must be data collected at that pole so that attachment heights can be assigned in IKE Office before importing.

This works well, except the process is designed for something that is unusual and uncommon. In most cases attachments approach and leave a pole at the same attachment height. It therefore makes sense to support this as a normal process, while allowing the original means for the uncommon scenarios.

With this new update, you will only need to collect span data for spans leaving a pole (not approaching). This potentially cuts data collection effort in half, or similar savings in Quick Pole adjusting attachment heights. If extra span data is not collected, Quick Pole will match up other spans attached to the pole so that approaching and leaving attachment heights are matched up as much as possible.

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