QP Update 6.73.22 - Save as AutoCad or KML

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QP Update 6.73.22 - Save as AutoCad or KML

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun May 26, 2019 9:29 pm

This update has a few features that customers have been requesting for a while. You can now, from a right-click of your mouse in the Plan View of a Design:
1) Save the Plan as an AutoCad (.dxf) file containing all poles in their exact location. This means that after you import or create your Design in Quick Pole, you can export the Plan to help populate any other drawings you have. For some customers this could be a game-changer as you no longer need to import data for or draw separately, your AutoCad drawings.
2) Save the Plan as KML. This means that you can view your poles in other KML friendly GIS applications such as Google Earth and many others.

In addition, not related to the Exports above, you are now provided with additional means of selecting items on the Plan View. Previously you could hold and drag the mouse to create a rectangular selection area. This would allow you to select items in the Plan View, but not Spans. With the previously released Multi-Span Edit feature, you will want to select multiple spans easily. With this update there is a control at the top of the window that will help you select items, spans or both when a rectangular mouse selection is initiated.

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