Version 6.73.39 Update - Minor Bug Fixes & updated Audit Report

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Version 6.73.39 Update - Minor Bug Fixes & updated Audit Report

Unread postby Sonideft » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:44 am

This update includes a few minor bug fixes and a couple of feature changes.

You will notice that the selection behavior of spans in the Plan View and the corresponding synchronization with the Span Editor will now work a little differently. If the Span Editor Window is not already open, the previous double-clicking on the span in the Plan View will no longer open it. You will need to right-click on the span and choose "Edit". After that, as before, selecting a span will automatically update the contents of the Span Editor Window. The reason for this is that from time to time it would cause exception errors to be thrown. We believe it is a limitation of the Visual Library we are currently using for the Plan View.

We have also extensively updated the Attachment Audit Report within Quick Pole. It works with data collected with IKE Office and imported into Quick Pole like other projects. In a previous update, the IKE collection form that Quick Pole produces was greatly enhanced to collect a wide number of things that customers wanted to collect at a pole; such as "Guy Guard missing", "Lashing Wire Issue",... and many more. This extra data is available when poles are selected so that you have all the information possible while designing the pole. The Attachment Audit Report has now been updated to fully use this extra information, including a summary count of categorized issues at the top of each pole's report.

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