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Selection Enhancement & Message Setting Changes

Unread postby Sonideft » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:35 am

You can now select multiple poles individually, or add additional individual poles to a selection, via rectangular mouse selection, for example.

How it works it that you start by selecting what you want to start with, either individually or via an area of poles in the Plan View. Then, by holding the Control Key down, you can additionally add additional poles to the list of selected poles. Then you can right-click and perform any of the menu functions on the larger set of selected poles. This follows the way that Microsoft Power Point would operate.

The other thing that has changed relates to the in-span separation messages related to neutral, secondary and communication attachments in the Project Settings tab of an open Design. What has changed is that ANY Power Wire Attachment that does not have its voltage setting defined in the Span Editor Window, will be treated as a Secondary wire for "separation to strand" tests. This helps you to ensure code compliancy, while at the same time doesn't force you to set the voltage attributes of these wires all the time. Common usage is assumed that most wires will be populated without the voltage setting. Then if error/warning messages are generated for separation issues, you can further detail these wires to identify them as secondary, Neutral/MGN or Neutral (50C).

One more thing that was added is the movement of connected guys/anchors along with the associated pole when the "Pole Sequence Editor" is used on existing pole lines. After pole lines are built in Quick Pole from field data, sometimes adjustments are necessary to deal with issues in the field data or to better match street maps. For example, moving a pole a little closer or further away from a street may be required, or a span measurement may have been wrong. For this reason, the "Pole Sequence Editor" works on existing projects as well as help with building new ones.

To activate the Pole Sequence Editor on existing projects, you follow the same procedure you would use to view/edit multiple span profiles. You select the starting pole, right-click and choose "Set Starting Point". Then you would select all the poles that could be effected by the change you are proposing. Then right-click on one of these poles and the "Pole Sequence Editor" will then appear in the list of choices. The entire pole line will then be adjusted for any individual span length,angle or elevation change.

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