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QP Update 6.73.57 - Improved JSON imports

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 11:27 am
by Sonideft
This update's main focus was to provide further improvement to importing JSON files into Quick Pole, whether they originated via IKE Office or not.

As you might know, this data format is very "pole" centric, with all data recorded at each pole location, including spans to other poles. The import process then needs to "stitch" the poles together using span bearing/distance measurements, including "Ike captures" if present, to accurately define the spans as well; for which the attachments are applied. Sometimes there are issues with the accuracy of the data collected and Quick Pole needs to navigate through this to make its best estimate of what actually is the reality in the field.

This update now includes information in the Design Notes field for each pole imported, a summary of the internal import decisions citing accuracy tolerances and the import data provided for each span recorded at that pole. To aid in easy assessment of how the import went, this information is available in a few locations:
1. The Design Notes will be permanently stored with the pole data in the project, view-able in the properties window of the Plan View and in the Structure Editor Window
2. The Project Level Make Ready Summary report provides a one-liner for each pole in the project, citing both Design Notes and any Make Ready Notes. Some color coding exists in the text to permit easy visual scanning for areas of concern.
3. The KML Export available previously by right-clicking on the Plan View has been enhanced to add both the Design Notes and the original recorded Latitude and Longitude for each pole. This is easily viewable in Google Earth and similar software tools by clicking and sometime hovering over the pole location.

An unrelated improvement is the editing of Point Loads via the Structure Editor Window. It now allows entry of your own customized description of the Point Load, plus it is fully functional for both metric and standard units entry. The units preference is taken from the Project Settings tab of the project automatically. We are working through all of Quick Pole to ensure ease of units viewing/entry.