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QP Update 6.73.58 - Multi-Span Profile

Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 11:27 pm
by Sonideft
There is an update that has a few improvements to the Multi-Span Profile feature; plus a few more options to help deal with large projects.

1) The Multi Span Profile feature has a standard units/metric option, various visual options, plus the ability to select what Load Case each group of wires is profiled with (Maximum Sag, Installation temp, etc). The Clearance calculation shown varies with the load Cases selected. By running the mouse over the clearance points, measured points or over the wires, much more detailed information is shown in a ToolTip. The way you access the Multi Span Profile feature has been made easier. You select multiple poles on the Plan View, then right-click on one of the selected poles to access this menu choice. Previously you needed to identify a starting pole, then select multiple poles before selecting the menu option.
2) KML Export has rows added for Design Notes and urls to pictures, notes or web pages stored for each pole. Clicking on them within Google Earth brings up the item in a Browser.
3) When a pole is selected in the Plan View, the Properties Window->Pictures/Notes will bring up stored urls in your Browser if you click on the item.
4) If you analyze the entire design/project, there is an added csv out file option for pole hardware. It is under Project Level -> Other Outputs. You can open it up in Excel and sort it by the hardware description column (Data->Sort, data has a header). This way you can quickly summarize the hardware used on the poles.