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QP 6.73.67 Update - Multi-Span Editor

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 1:32 pm
by Sonideft
Various enhancements have been made to this Editor that allows several groups of attachments to be edited at the same time.

1) Ruling Spans are not in the table and edit-able.
2) Voltage settings were in the table, but now are also edit-able.
3) When you select a row of grouped attachments, the count of spans involved are displayed and the actual spans are selected in the list at the top of the panel.
4) Profile colors for the attachment groups are displayed and can be modified. The attachments will change color immediately in the Multi-Span Profile view.

In addition, the Line of Sight detail messages for CSA related projects are now provided, regardless if the Line of Sight has been violated or not. This enables users to have more information available for submitting permits; if necessary.