QP Update 6.73.71 - Cut/Copy/Paste of full and partial Designs

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QP Update 6.73.71 - Cut/Copy/Paste of full and partial Designs

Unread postby Sonideft » Fri Sep 11, 2020 12:20 pm

In this update you are able to select full or partial portions of Designs and copy to other Designs. This should be helpful when wanting to augment existing projects, or to study specific areas in more detail.

The way it works internally is that all of these operations focus on what structures are selected. When a Paste occurs, Quick Pole will look for all connected guys/anchors, equipment and Point Loads, and paste them at the same time as the structure. If more than one structure is selected for pasting, attachments between those pasted structures will also be pasted at the same time. This is most often the optimum way users will want this action performed. You can always delete any unnecessary items later, which takes far less time than adding exact items in exact locations.

The Plan View and Explorer Views are enabled for this feature. In addition, you can Drag and Drop from the Explorer View to another Design to another Design's Explorer View or Plan View.

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