QP 6.73.82 Update - More User Interface Features

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QP 6.73.82 Update - More User Interface Features

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:12 pm

A number of features have been added with this version to help the User.

1) When editing projects it is common to make span connections between poles then apply attachments to them. The previous versions of Quick Pole did not save these connections in the project unless you also already applied some attachments. On large projects this could be a problem if you made many connections, but didn't apply attachments to some before the file and possibly Quick Pole was closed. In this version, all connections are now saved, regardless if attachments are in them or not.
2) It is sometimes desirable to change the type of structure that has been imported. This could happen a number of ways due to slight imperfections in the import data. You can now, for individual structures, change the type of structure from one type to another (Pole, Anchor, Building Mid-Span tap). The option is available by right-clicking on a structure in the Plan View.
3) You can now select a number of structures and generate a series of reports on just those structures. Similar to project-level reports, a window will open up that contains one integrated report with all requested reports, per structure, in a way that you can create one pdf file from the set. There are a wide number of reasons why you would want to do this, and this ability should help avoid the need to generate reports for the entire Design/project and remove pages from a pdf.
4) KML export menu option from the Plan View (right-click), now includes, per structure, all documented Make Ready Notes. These are visible, like the other attributes we already provided, when you open the KML file in Google Earth and select one of the structures.
5) A Make Ready Report for a Structure has been created that contains basic information/location, etc.. about a Structure, including pictures (if available) and the list of Make Ready requirements documented at the structure. In addition, should you choose to make use of it, a signing block for the technician who implemented the work. This is to support users who want to pass these reports (partial list of design structures as per #3 above), and have confirmation that the work has been completed.
6) Tolerances of 1" (2.5cm) have been added to all on-pole, ground clearance and in-span clearance tests against code requirements. This is to help provide a minimal latitude for the accuracy of field measurements, but also importantly to cover scenarios where rounded numbers could have made the difference between pass/fail. We have thoughts about enabling users to adjust these further, but would look for user feedback first.

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