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QP 6.73.73 Update - More Attachment Paste Options

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:55 am
by Sonideft
In this release, more options are presented to you when pasting Attachments while in the Plan View.

The options center around the attachment heights for the resulting pasted items.

1) Frame from the top of the structure downwards, using the same distance from the top from the original attachment's source as a guide. This is always a good choice for power wires alone, or communication attachments alone, or for pasting a full joint use set of power and communication attachments. Different pole heights are automatically taken into account when framing from the top.
2) Use the same attachment heights as the items had in the original span.
3) Using the highest attachment as a guide, line up the highest attachment heights on the destination span. This makes the top attachment continuous along the pole line from a visual perspective. This works best when the attachments being pasted are similar to what is on the adjacent spans. That is, power only, communications only, or full joint use.

Additionally, it is now possible to create CSV file exports from a collection of structures only, and not the entire project like the existing "Other Outputs" tab near "Project Reporting" already provide. Simply select whatever number of structures you want to generate a particular CSV file output for, right-click on any one of those structures and select the "CSV Exports" menu choice.

Also, you can now also set a default wooden pole class via the Tools->Options menu item. Previously pole species and length were there, so now this is more complete for wooden poles.