3D Finite Element Sags & Tensions Implemented

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3D Finite Element Sags & Tensions Implemented

Unread postby Sonideft » Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:25 am

Starting with version 6.74.01, all Sag & Tension calculations are now based on a Finite Element model, similar to PLS-CADD.

While our previous Sag & Tension calculation engine was very good and had been verified against PLS-CADD and SAG10 results, this new way of Sag/Tension calculation provides additional benefits:

1) Calculations are computationally more efficient. Quick Pole has always been very "Quick" compared to other tools due to its use of "Multi-Threading" in its calculations and highly optimized algorithms of directing what needs to be done and when. Since Sag/Tension calculations involve nonlinear materials and nonlinear catenary equations, direct solutions are not practical and iterative solutions must be used. This new methodology requires fewer iterations compared to the previous method and therefore takes less time.
2) This new methodology will enable easy and accurate modeling of interconnected wire systems between support structures. Not all wires leave one pole and only connect to the next pole, for example. Spunn Busses between poles is a common example where multiple triplexes branch off and go to houses. Messengers are sometimes connected where the cross each other at intersections, as another example. The ability to model these better will be added to an upcoming release.

The verification results on our website now for Sag & Tension comparisons with PLS-CADD will be updated in the near future to reflect the results with this new methodology. We will be making this available in a .pdf document shortly to interested customers. Just send us a note if you have an interest.

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