QP Update 6.74.04- Picture/Notes Improvements

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QP Update 6.74.04- Picture/Notes Improvements

Unread postby Sonideft » Fri Aug 20, 2021 11:13 am

In this update improvements have been made to how users can access and modify pictures, notes and their serving directories.

Now when you select a Picture or a Note(pdf) file from the Properties Window (lower right) on the main Plan View, the appropriate Editor Window will automatically appear or momentarily have its top tab flash yellow to highlight where it is. The Pictures and Notes Editors/Explorers are very powerful, but some customers may not be aware of them. They were created to assist the user in common tasks of validating details against pictures or field notes, without needing to launch another application. Since Quick Pole keeps track of which pictures/notes are associated with each structure, time is saved trying to ensure you are looking at the correct one from a list of many.

You can now also change the base file directory for structure pictures/notes directly from the same Property Window. Within the respective Editor/Explorer window, if you change the base file directory there, it will also ask you if you wish to make this same change to all structures in the project. This is appropriate if all your notes or pictures are in one file directory and they are relocated to another location, such as on a server.

Of course Quick Pole also works with file locations on the Internet, or similar places, by using "https://" prefixes on each filename. In fact this is how pictures from IKE imported projects are handled. You don't need to download the pictures as Quick Pole will record their location on IKE's servers as part of the import process.

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