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QP Update 6.74.22 Import improvements

Unread postby Sonideft » Wed Mar 02, 2022 7:29 am

It was brought to our attention that during IKE imports, span guys were being duplicated. This has now been corrected.

We decided to change how "Unknown" anchors and guys were being handled. Previously it was thought that unknown types of anything should be verified by the Designer during the import. That doesn't seem to be a very convenient place to make those individual decisions. So we now ask to clarify on import, what an unknown anchor and guy should be assumed to be, if any are found. This answer will be used to address other unknown anchors and guys in the import file.

Just a reminder that the best practice for addressing IKE imports is to build a dataset (Tools->Datamanager) that identifies the detail of items in the field that can reasonably be recognized by a field surveyor. It is suggested, at a minimum that anchor rod diameters, type of rod head (forged or screwed) and number of guy positions be identified with separate items available in their drop-down list. Also that feeler gauges are used on guy wires and the dataset contain one for each expected size. With this setup, the IKE device form can stay constant across many projects, regardless of pole owner and tenants. The Designer on import can make the best interpretation and assignment of the anchor/guy descriptions with real items, that are best suited for the project's area.

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