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Input Loads Report Enhanced

Unread postby Sonideft » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:39 am

The Pole Segment Input Loads Report has been improved. This is the report that shows you all of the loads that are applied to the pole before the Structural Analysis process begins. In other words, exactly what the pole needs to support. In addition to calculating the weight of each pole segment, the ice on the pole segment and the amount of wind force and moment exerted onto it, the report now clearly shows how the Attachment Loads are applied to the pole segments as follows:
1. The "Load" of the attachment (Forces, Moments)
2. The Wind amounts possible by the attachment and broken down into the appropriate force (x,z) components, taking into account the angle of the attachment itself(like towards another pole) and the worst wind direction calculated for the pole as a whole.
3. For the vertical component of the attachment load attached to the side of the pole, a bending moment is created because the attachment is on the side of the pole and not at the actual center of the pole. The moment is the vertical load multiplied by the distance from the side of the pole to its exact center (radius). This moment is broken down in x & z directions, including secondary caused forces, for each attachment. This is called the Offset Effect.
4. The Pole Segment loads are also shown after all attachments so that you can easily add up all the corresponding rows and come up with the same exact total inputted for the segment in the Structural Analysis process.
5. All applied loads are shown with the appropriate Overload Factor applied.

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