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New Quick Pole update available

Unread postby Sonideft » Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:05 am

Largely a maintenance release to improve several items, this update also includes the Nonlinear Structural Analysis feature that we promised. Quick Pole first does a Linear analysis on the pole (s), then it does a Geometric Nonlinear Analysis on the pole. This is the nonlinear method that takes into account the movement of the pole (deflections) that enable the vertical loads on the pole to create additional bending moments (secondary moments) on the pole. This is also called the P Delta effect. To show you the difference between doing a regular Linear Analysis and doing a full Nonlinear Analysis, there is a Report option available for each pole listed under Detailed Reports. In the test results we ran, in all cases the calculations for nonlinear analysis created larger fibre stresses. To keep consistency and to give you comparable results on Buckling capacity, the previous buckling results using Euler formulas is still included in most reports. This is very similar to what is sometimes called the Gere Carter method, which you may see the results of in other software packages.

With these new features, Quick Pole is currently ready for the pending Nonlinear Analysis requirements in the 2014 release of the CSA C22.3 No.1 Overhead Systems Standard.

The Nonlinear Buckling feature that was released last week has been recalled so that we can improve it further. It handled vertical load capacities fine, but failed to show that horizontal loads and/or bending moments would also serve to lower the buckling point of the pole. While this is not required for compliancy with the upcoming CSA Standard , it is something we want to do so that you have the most accurate prediction of pole behavior possible.

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