Automatic Attachment Height Changes

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Automatic Attachment Height Changes

Unread postby Sonideft » Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:20 am

You can now select many poles on the work plan at the same time and change their pole class, pole species type or the pole length. Changing the Pole Length from one size to another also has the added feature of automatically adjusting the attachment heights for all attachments by the net difference (pole length - depth of setting). This is expected to be a very common scenario where a pole line is created in Quick Pole and the pole is later proven to need additional height for road crossings or other clearance issues. So automatically moving all attachments higher should be a time saver. A note is generated to remind users that they should re-validate the desired attachment heights.

This feature of moving attachment heights automatically was also added to the Structure Details Dialog for individual pole length changes. To improve the ability to move all power wires or communication attachments as a group, you can now select several attachments on a pole at once and change their attachment height using the "Height Adjustment" spinner control. You can either enter a value to adjust the heights directly and hit enter, or you can use the up/down arrows on the control. This should help in adjusting attachment heights of several items after pole length changes, or in other situations.

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