Survey Notes and Picture ability added to Quick Pole

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Survey Notes and Picture ability added to Quick Pole

Unread postby Sonideft » Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:29 am

It is a common practice when designing specific poles to need to refer to pictures you have on file and/or to Survey Notes for that specific pole. Designers yesterday needed to use separate viewing applications for those while using Quick Pole. This was less than ideal since many pictures and survey notes could be open, requiring the user to ensure they were looking at the right ones. With today's Update Release for Quick Pole, you can link to or store permanently, up to three pictures and one set of Survey Notes for each pole. If you have a Central Repository of files in your organization, or on your computer, you can point Quick Pole to relate specific pictures and Survey Notes to each pole. You can also download these directly into Quick Pole's Database for permanent storage. These can be stored/linked or viewed via the extra tabs on the Structure Details Dialog. That is the Dialog where most pole-specific design work is performed, and the most frequent time when you would want to refer to these pictures and notes. Survey Notes are expected in pdf format and can contain multiple pages. Pictures can be of file formats "jpeg, jpg, gif, png" at this time. If you need others, just let us know. The Picture Viewer provides zoom capability and a navigation window to best support high resolution pictures.

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