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Recent Quick Pole updates

Unread postby Sonideft » Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:04 am

A significant addition was made this week to Quick Pole in the area of Soil Capacity evaluation. Anchor selection and strength determination are already based on Soil Class. Based on the class of Soil selected for a project or pole structure, the following strength limits are now calculated and presented as information/warning/error messages as part of the analysis. As an added feature, all analysis messages generated are now included in the printed reports in the appropriate sections. As well, pole, guy wires and anchor capacities are now displayed and reported as % utilization instead of exact safety factors.

1. Compression capacity of the soil directly beneathe pole is now calculated. Heavily vertical loaded poles can sink into the soil if the Soil Capacity is insufficient. Sometime it is necessary to set a pole deeper or increase the bearing surface area under one of these poles (such as placing a log or plate).
2. Unguyed or inadequately guyed poles may bend over in time if the soil cannot hold them vertical. Other programs "may" suggest that you place a pole deeper to compensate. Quick Pole now calculates if the soil can hold the pole vertical and tells you if you need to do something. Other options exist such as placing "heel and toe" log braces, replacing the soil around the pole with much stronger material or placing the pole deeper. Quick Pole won't suggest what you should do, just highlight whether the soil capacity for holding the pole vertical is exceeded or not.
3. When push braces are used on mainline poles, a vertical uplift is possible in heavy corner and deadend situations. Quick Pole now calculates the "skin friction" of the pole with the soil and the anchoring capcity of the pole itself due to the fact that the pole butt is larger than at the groundline (taper). Both these attributes are calculated and subtracted from any vertical uplift on the mainline pole. This means that Quick Pole much more accurately tells you if there is a vertical uplift issue or not. If you do still have an issue, you can try lengthening the lead of the Push Brace, lower it's attachment point on the mainline pole, or reduce the loads it is trying to support.

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