Additional Pole Species and lengths added to Quick Pole

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Additional Pole Species and lengths added to Quick Pole

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:05 am

As part of our efforts to make Quick Pole suitable for both the US and Canadian marketplace, we have added three new pole species to Quick Pole. Namely: Yellow Alaska Cedar, Eastern White Pine and Radiata Pine (Chilean). We also expanded the pole length selections from (25 - 90ft) to (20 - 100ft).

Part of this exercise involved insuring that the proper pole parameters (Fibre strength, Modulus of Elasticity) were correct for these poles, as some codes define them differently. Now, depending on whether you select an NESC or an CSA Line Grade for your project, you will get the correct values.

As part of this analysis we discovered that there are four pole species sold in Canada and the USA where the same class marking refer to poles of different sizes. These are Western Larch, Ambilis Fir, Eastern Cedar and Alaska Yellow Cedar. Hopefully the designer is made aware of where their poles are branded/classed, if they use one of these pole species.

Both the ANSI and CSA standards were lacking some Modulus of Elasticity values, which is required for Quick Pole and any tool that does Non-linear analysis. Both sets of pole species data were supplemented with data from each other, Rural Utility Services and the; where required and in that order of priority. More information on this will be posted to our website.

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