Three KML File Formats now supported for Direct Import

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Three KML File Formats now supported for Direct Import

Unread postby Sonideft » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:21 pm

An update is available that provides some enhancements and some minor bug fixes.

Bug Fixes:

1. Adjusting the length of a pole (any method) always adjusted the heights of equipment; even if you said "No" to the question.
2. Point Loads did not adjust their heights of attachment properly when changing the length of the pole, or when doing a rectangular selection of many attachments on the pole in the Side Pole View of the Structure Details Dialog.


1. Three different KML file formats are now supported, although the last one is still experimental. The formats are summarized here:
a) KML file (usually provided as KMZ) with separate folders in the data for different item types (Poles, Anchors, Buildings, Signs...)
b) KML file with one Folder of Data with the type of Data provided in the Name field.
c) KML file with no Folders of Data with multiple Placemarkers containing poles. The pole number is in the name of the Placemarker field. This format is a result of an export from AutoCad. This one is experimental, but appears to work well based on initial testing.

2. As previously, extra information that is included with imported KML files in the description field is shown for poles and anchors in the Work Plan Window if you hover your mouse over the item. This same information is now included in the Structure Details Dialog for ease of data entry. It is shown on the same tab as you would edit the items typically included (pole #, class, species, circumference, etc..) from the import.

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