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Major Update to Quick Pole

Unread postby Sonideft » Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:56 pm

A major release to Quick Pole is now available to current and new users. It has been in Beta testing for a few months to ensure that most issues could be detected and some new features user-tested.

The previous News Post contains a long listing of the changes and new features added in this new release.

This new release requires a re-install of Quick Pole. It is necessary to first BACK-UP your local database files first to help ensure that the re-install will be successful. It should be located in a place named similarly to C:\Users\Steve\databases , but may be somewhere different. Your log files (Help-Report Issue) can show you for sure, or you can send them to us and we'll tell you where. Keep your database where it is, but make a copy and store somewhere else for safe keeping.

Uninstall Quick Pole and then go to C:\Program Files\quickpole and delete the entire director if it is still there.

Re-install Quick Pole from our website as before. Your license will not be affected. On first start-up there will be a slight delay while it makes changes to your database to work with the new release. You may wish to review the new Help File to better understand any of the new features mentioned.

If you have any questions during the conversion, just drop us a line.

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