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Quick Pole Update 6.71.06

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:09 pm

Included in the latest release is the following:

1) In-Span Clearance points that are defined (Points of Interest via the Span Profile Dialog) will now be used in Ground Clearance Tests, if they exist. Currently if no Points of Interest are defined in a Span and a Clearance setting is provided - say Roadways, for example. The maximum sag point of the lowest attachment in the span will be tested for ground clearance, assuming constant ground slope between the adjacent poles. Now if one or more Points of Interest are defined (some with roadway, some with pedestrian values); each point will be tested against the ground clearance values required. This way more specific clearance tests can be defined.
2) A Span Profile report is now available at the structure and at the Project Reporting Levels to show the profile of all attachments in their maximum sag condition within the spans. This works if Points of Interest are defined and if the adjacent structures are not "End of Study" structures. Otherwise the basic ground clearance tests will be provided in the attachments Analysis Messages.
3) The ability to load a company logo for use in reports is now available via the Tools->Options->Quick Pole Settings->Images tab. To start with, this is available on the first Custom Report. Drop us a note if you think it should be available on others.

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