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Version 6.71.40 Available

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:04 pm

This Update includes several changes we have been working on over the last while.


1. Expert menus and tabs are now not visible by default. They can be enabled/disabled via Tools->Options at any time. The reason is that they are features used by a small percentage of users. So this change helps make the User Interface cleaner for most.

2. The default value for Loop Threshold has been changed to 300 iterations. On several projects this ensured many poles reached sufficient accuracy during analysis.

3. Clearance tests for a span and for Points of Interest within a span are now reported separately. Messages and error indications are separate so that you know better from where the issue is coming.

4. Exporting and importing of personal preferences is now available via Tools->options. You may have some corporate defaults you would like everyone to have. If that is the case, you can export a file for others to import.

5.The online Help Manual has been updated to the latest release.

6.Wind Direction of any pole can now be fixed without needing to "Over-ride" the Analysis Options.

7. The Structure Framing option that was available in versions 6.70 and earlier has been tested and made visible again when two or more poles are selected in the Plan View. Right-click on one of the selected poles to see the menu option.

8. Additional wording has been added to the messages for power wires and strands. Each wire will identify the Maximum Tension and Maximum Sag condition used. Strands will have an added note stating how high the lowest sagging power wire is above the line of sight.

9. 3D Graphical Viewer of the Analysis results and the structural model. Pole segments, guys, anchors, struts will indicate their %utilization by color; complete with hover pop-up windows showing summary details.

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