Enhanced Ruling Span algorithms implemented

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Enhanced Ruling Span algorithms implemented

Unread postby Sonideft » Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:24 am

As of version 6.71.44, Quick Pole will use an advanced algorithm to review your entire project and better recommend the "Ruling Span" distances for wire attachments. These Ruling Span distances are used to select the most appropriate stringing tensions from Organizational Datasets (Preferred wires). The tensions selected from these Organizational Datasets should ideally match what Line Construction Crews would interpret from their standards, for the line in question, in order to tension the wire(s). This way your analysis will match how the line is expected to be built and maintained.

As before for Power Conductors, you have the ability to enter your own idea of what the appropriate Ruling Span distance should be; by span and by individual wire. Any entry will over-ride the automatically calculated value.

This enhanced Ruling Span algorithm looks for consecutive spans in the line and combines them into "sequences". Whenever the pole line changes direction by more than 60 degrees, a new sequence is started. There is a separate report available now at the Project Level that shows the results of these sequences detected.

The Span Profiles in the Project Level report will follow these same sequences. In some cases a left-right swap is implemented so that you can put the sequenced pages side by side when you print them out. As an added benefit, in the Span Profile Dialog, reversing the left-right directions now also updates the graphic as well.

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