New Project Setting added - Anchor Lead Definition

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New Project Setting added - Anchor Lead Definition

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun May 28, 2017 9:22 am

For greater flexibility with new or older projects, an anchor lead definition setting has been added at the Design Level within a project file.

There are two locations where this setting is beneficial: the Structure Details Dialog and in the reports.

With this setting, you can tell Quick Pole that you want to edit/view or report the anchor lead distance from the face of the Structure or from the absolute center of the Structure. Both methods have their uses and benefits, but the driver to choose one versus the other has to do with your particular Field Data Collection methods and the end consumer of your Quick Pole Reports.You may even want the setting one way for entering and validating your Field Data and set it the other for purposes of generating the final reports.

There is also a similar setting in your general preferences (Tools->Options->Quick Pole Settings) that looks similar. When a new Design is created, this setting from your preferences will be used when your design is first created. You always have the option of changing it at the Design Level later.

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