Sags & Tension Stringing Tables added - 6.71.136

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Sags & Tension Stringing Tables added - 6.71.136

Unread postby Sonideft » Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:37 am

In the Sags & Tensions Calculator, you can now create your own Ruling Span Sags & Tensions charts; typically contained in Power Utility Design Standards. They contain:

1. Stringing Tensions for various temperature conditions and expected sags for various span lengths. Optionally you can request the "Stop Watch" method times for 10 waves of reflection; in seconds.
2. Final Tensions and sags for various load conditions.

Within these results you have several options that control the span lengths included, temperature range for stringing conditions, number of final load conditions displayed, tension columns in Newtons, Pounds and Kilograms of force, plus others.

Since the intended usage of these tables is to copy them into a new Design Standard, separately the Stringing Table and the Final Table can be copied and pasted into Excel or any other program. If your other program has a "Paste Special..." option, you will see both a plain text version and a formatted table version available for pasting. Since organizations would have a standard template for these types of standards, this output method seemed to be the most flexible for the majority of end users.

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