QP Update 6.73.69 - Custom Clearance Types

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QP Update 6.73.69 - Custom Clearance Types

Unread postby Sonideft » Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:48 pm

This update primarily addresses a request by several customers to enable additional clearance requirements in addition to existing options related to CSA, NESC or GO95. The new clearance requirements are related to more local conditions/jurisdictions.

This update addresses this need by enabling additional Organizational groups to be created by users citing the name of the clearance requirement and the minimum requirement. Once entered, on a per-project basis, this clearance requirement can be added to the list of other clearance requirements wherever drop-down choices normally appear. This arrangement allows a user/company to define many specific local requirements, while not unnecessarily super-populating drop-down choices unless they are relevant.

To use this feature, start by going to Tools->Data Manager and ADD a new Organization to describe the local requirement. To this, enter a minimum clearance value. Next, open a Design that you wish to use this new setting. Go to the Project Settings tab and then locate the "Extra Clearance Settings" tab. There you can select this new Clearance settings as an option. This should now appear in any place where a drop-down choice is available for Clearances. Simply use this new setting anywhere that it is applicable. It is assumed that these extra clearance settings will always be more demanding than the default requirement under the national standards.

This feature further expands the current ability of user/companies to define different templates for projects that can be used in different localities. These local additional requirements can be added to these project templates and shared easily.

Somewhat related to this feature is the ability to define attachment colors for span attachments in profile views, specific to an Organizational group. New wires/span attachments will look for a color defined at the Organization level. Colors can also now be defined/over-ridden for each individual span attachment and these colors will be stored for later re-opening of a project. This allows a user to get their span profiles looking the way they want, and for this look to be restored again on project re-opening.

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