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Quick Pole Update 6.71.46

Unread postby Sonideft » Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:32 pm

While Quick Pole always evaluates the worst loading condition on the pole/structure due to wind coming from any direction, the same impact on guys and anchors was not always obvious.

In this update, Quick Pole will highlight the worst loading condition on any particular guy or anchor, if it would be more than the final loading condition evaluated for the pole/structure. What this means is that some guys/anchors will be loaded more from wind directions different than the worst one determined for the pole/structure. In some cases they may even be slack under some wind directions.

Quick Pole will report in the messages for either guys or anchors whenever a higher loading condition is present from other wind directions. The message will increase its % Utilization to the maximum value, plus it will tell you what wind direction where this higher load was found.

This ensures that all structural components are evaluated under their worst conditions, which can be quite different:

1. Wire/Cable Attachments are evaluated under all weather conditions (Temperature, Ice, Wind); assuming wind at 90 degrees to the span, if applicable.
2. Pole Structures are evaluated under the load condition (including wind direction) that results in the highest load/stress
3. Guys are evaluated under their maximum load condition
4. Anchors are evaluated under their maximum load condition.

If there are more than one guy attached to an anchor, the worst conditions of each guy wire may be different than for the anchor.

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