Version 6.72.129 Update

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Version 6.72.129 Update

Unread postby Sonideft » Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:51 am

In this update there has been some work in the Sags & Tensions Calculator to update the User Interface a bit and to enhance the ability to support both metric and Standard Units. There is still a little work left to do on units, which will come in future releases.

There are two related parts of the User Interface which were updated for Projects as well. For Project Settings, the Weather Loads now match the same options as the Sags & Tensions Calculator. In addition, the Edit Cables & Tensions Dialog now also matches the updated User Interface used in the Sags & Tensions Calculator. All the same functionality is there, but it is presented in a simpler format.

As an additional enhancement, there are now three different Excel/csv outputs available. After analyzing a project, go to the "Other Outputs" tab and select the one you want. If you are looking for something else, please let us know.

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