Version 6.73.xx is coming next week

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Version 6.73.xx is coming next week

Unread postby Sonideft » Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:32 am

There is a new version being posted next week that brings with it some big changes.

The biggest change is that the file format for projects has been upgraded. Once you open an existing project and then save it, it will open a lot faster the next time. This is because we no longer need to relink things like Wires after it is opened. It has also been enhanced to enable a few of the other features we are working on in the background. More on those soon.

One downside to this new file format is that Quick Pole versions 6.72.xx and below will not be able to open this new file. It will look like the file is empty. So if you work in a team, it is best for everyone to upgrade around the same time, or when they start their next project.

The new version will be made available as an update next week. As a reminder, you can turn on or off automatic updates via the Tools->Options menu item. You always have the option of forcing a software update check via the Help->Check for Updates menu item. This note is going out early so that you can determine what is best for you.

There are a couple of bug fixes in this update related to retaining project settings for Extreme Wind and Extreme Ice, plus a couple of others.

If you would like to try out the new version now, you can get it at You will need to uninstall Quick Pole first and likely delete the directory at C:\Users\Your Logon ID\AppData\Roaming\.quickpole before starting Quick Pole. If your version still says 6.72.xx, this means you need to delete this directory. Your preferences under Tools->Options should be checked to ensure they are still the way you want them.

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