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New features added to Quick Pole

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:14 am

There were two features added recently that you may be interested to know about.

1. Anchor Elevations can now be adjusted. Previously all anchors were assumed to be at the same elevation as the groundline of the connected pole. In the Structure details Dialog you can set the absolute elevation of the anchor rod (point of guy attachments) by right-Clicking on the anchor inside the Side View panel. Enter an elevation in a similar way that you would set the groundline elevation of any pole. A similar feature is available in the Table View of the same Dialog. This feature is useful when the anchor is located in a ditch or on the side of a hill.

2.Soil Strength tests have been expanded to now include its ability to support bending moments at the groundline of the pole. This is important as the soil is expected to support the pole and this is the last test required to complete this. Quick Pole previously tested the soil's ability to support vertical pressures beneathe the pole. It also evaluates the pullout resistance of poles if it encounters vertical uplift situations. With this recent ability to test the soil's strength to resist groundline moments, Quick Pole now is complete in all aspects of soil strength tests. If the soil does not have the strength to support the required groundline moments, it will recommend a depth of setting for the pole so that it is strong enough. This recommendation will vary by the Soil Class the pole is set into, plus the diameter of the pole.

3.The Bulk Location Edit Dialog has been enhanced to more easily adjust the location of items in large projects. The list of items is now sorted first by Street or Lead Name of the item, followed by the designation of the pole, or the pole designation of what the Anchor or Building is currently connected. All poles, anchors and related buildings will be grouped together rather than just simply listed.

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