Multi-Span Profiles and other features available in 6.71.141

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Multi-Span Profiles and other features available in 6.71.141

Unread postby Sonideft » Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:17 am

Quick Pole now has the ability to create Span Profiles for multiple structures in a line. This profile can also be saved as a file for import into other programs. File formats supported by right-clicking on the image are PNG, PDF and SVG. For importing directly into AutoCad you can use free online SVG to DXF file converters.

To use the feature, a similar process to the "Pole Sequence Loading" feature is used. Start by selecting the first structure/pole for your profile with your mouse. Right-click on that structure and select "Start sequence from here". That tells Quick Pole that this is the starting point for what you will do next. Then select the rest of the structures that you would like to see profiles between. You will need a continuous sequence of structures from your starting point, but you can select them in any order. For simple cases you can use the rectangular selection method by holding the left mouse button down and dragging it to contain the poles you want. In other cases you will want to select one pole with the mouse and then (while holding down the Control Key), select additional poles one at a time.

Once the selection is done, Right-Click the mouse while over one of the selected structures to select the "Multi-Span Profile" option. Several features are included to help users as we understand how they will use it. Other suggestions are always welcome.

Additionally you will find a few smaller features included in this update to make using Quick Pole better.

1) After an Analysis, if there are issues in a span, it will be highlighted in Red on the Work Plan to draw your attention to it.
2) On the Work Plan, Points of Interest for clearance tests will be shown next to span length measurements. If more than one point is defined, additional symbols will be shown. This way you can see at the Work Plan view which spans you have clearance points defined. By moving your mouse over the symbols, you will see a ToolTip popup that describes the details about that point.
3) For easier readability, span length measurements on the Work Plan now are written parallel to the span. This also improves the look of the Work Plan. If for any reason the text is too close to other items, you can drag it to a different location with the mouse.

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